Union of Employers of Transport, Posts & Telecommunications of the SR (ZADOPOT)

- was founded in July 1996. It associated member companies and organizations from different areas of transportation (railway, trucking, transit, freight, airlines, shipment and open up activities), posts and telecommunications with more than 54 thousand employees. It has a whole Slovakia effect.
The headquarter of the ZADOPOT is in Bratislava, Bazová street 2.

- is non profit organisation with legal entity, for the purpose of representing of the economic interests and for help by creating of optimal conditions for development of employers´ and entrepreneurs´ activities in areas of transportation, posts and telecommunications and of open up activities.

- is member of:
* AZZZ SR (Federation of Employers ´Associations of the Slovak Republic; www.azzz.sk ), an umbrella employers organization in the Slovak Republic.

- prepares common statements on strategic and economic drafts, which protects interests of its members, especially through tripartite and bipartite negociations on branch and national level. Gives comments and statements on draft legislative pieces, with the aim to maximal cover the needs of the members. Enforces interests of members by aproximation of legislative standards of the EU with securing of equal entrepreneurial conditions of the Union´s members in conditions of liberalised European sector.

- promotes and protects the interests of own members on negociations with Official and Regional Authorities, Branch Ministry, Self-government and Trade Unions, especially in areas, which are the object of collective bargaining, closing of collective labour agreements.

- creates permanent and ad hoc Working Commitees, Sections. Actions of the commitees concerns informations and consultancy to members.